We just came back from vacation and I want to tell you how disappointed I was on the resort.

1st: most of the employees attitude is very mean and disrespectful and seems that it’s based on the idea: " who do these Americans think they are? Because they pay all these money, they think they have to be treated special?" and honest, I do think we should be respected and treated for the services we paid

2nd you ask for a simple lemon or creamer for your coffee in the resort and you are told: "it’s not in your requirements to have them for the customers?"

3rd you go in the shops that the resort have and the cashiers are raising their voice and make fun of you whenever they feel like it

4th same for that "casino", I was there on the 14th of June and the person who was in there beside the fact that her whole attitude is very mean to begin with, she did the same, raised her voice at me, and when I asked to talk with a supervisor, she called somebody on the phone????

5th the resort supposed to be a family resort, not a teach you how to shake your butt and ***, the whole time I was there, that was the theme of all the dances, really???? In a family resort?

6th anybody can listen as loud as they can to their own music, regardless that there may be other people at the pool that do not want to hear their music, and the resort employees , that are always there, have nothing to say

7th you go to the buffet to eat and they do let you in at the time they supposed to open, but you cannot eat, because the food it’s not ready????

8th the gym it’s opening at 7 o’clock??? A lot of people would like to be on the beach at that time, not waiting for the gym to open

9th the mattresses on the chairs by the pool are not laid until sometimes 9 AM????

10th the driver who picks you up from the airport, advise you that you can buy marihuana with no problems????

Like I said, I am VERY disappointed on Ibero Star chain.

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