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My first night at the hotel, I was out with friends with I slipped on a puddle of water on the disco's dance floor causing myself to fall and hit my head on a ledge. My head was cut open and I laid on the floor bleeding from my head for an hour before the ambulance came.

During this time, I became non-responsive. The hotel claims they did everything possible for me because they had a nurse in there. There was nothing the nurse could do for me because it was a head injury. The resort took over 30 minutes to call for an ambulance because someone had to offer to pay $2,700 upfront before I could be taken. The hotel never once offered to help while I laid on the floor bleeding from my head. I spent the next 20 hours in the hospital with a severe head injury.

When I returned to the resort, none of the employees sought me out to make sure I was ok. I had to find them and talk to them about the incident. After I filled out my incident report, they said they would be in contact with me. No one ever spoke another word to me. They sent me 2 letters stating the EXACT same thing on each letter, but changed the person's name at the bottom. I saw these people multiple times throughout the week, but not one of them asked me how I was doing or even apologized to me.

Their employees were supposed to make sure the dance floor was clear of spills, but they did not. My friends took pictures and have proof that there was a spill on the floor, but the resort claims it's from the ice in a plastic bag that was used for me head. They tried to say that it wasn't there fault because me, the one with a concussion and memory loss, could not state for sure how I slipped even though there were witnesses that also filled out reports saying I fell because of spilt liquids on the ground. At the very least, I expected the employees to check in on me and make sure I was ok; after all, the chief neurologist from the hospital I was at came to the hotel the day after I left the hospital to check on me because he was that concerned about me.

The hotel will not cover the cost of my hospital stay nor will they comp the night I missed at the resort. I have never been treated so inconsiderately by employees at a resort in my entire life. Loreto Lazo, Toffel Fletcher, Oniel Douse and Milton Reid were inconsiderate and heartless in this matter.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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you poor baby, grow up

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