We love Iberostar Tucan/Quetzal. Been there 4 times.

The staff makes the place great.

During our last trip we was approached by the staff to look at the Club membership. So I met with Ryan Smith. He explained the membership to me.

He recommended the Silver membership for $35,000.

The silver membership includes many benefits like:

25% of the price of the Iberstar website for the hotels.

RCI membership.

$10,000 in hotel credits – to be used for Iberostar hotels.

$10,000 in travel credits – to be used for other travel like flights.

And other minor things like discount to the spa, etc.

He told me that we would pay wholesale rates on flights too. Charter flights only and about 1.5% discounts on “scheduled flights” that’s regular flights. He wrote down the whole sale rates for us too. It was $331 with United round trip to Cancun. Other companies were less. He even drew a picture of a plane and explained that groups of seats were sold as charter flights.

Then he asked how long we are staying, destination, airline and who we bought from. He then estimated the price for the trip. He was about $200 off. He told us how much the trip would have cost if we used the Club membership to buy the same trip. It was a significant saving, about $2000.

Next on the agenda was to talk about the RCI membership. It wasn’t that interesting to me but we went over it anyway. You get a RCI membership and you pay $219 for a week in different hotels around the world. He showed me a list of hotel at Disney world and brought up Animal Kingdom. Told me it would cost $219. The RCI membership was included for 5 years, and then we would have to pay a renewal cost. It was less than 500 dollars.

Also, told me about other club membership like discount at the spa, upgrades, priority check-in, etc.

I was very interested at that point. The Club saving example made this deal worth it.

The last day I brought my wife and Ryan Smith did the same presentation that I listed above. Same prices, etc.

We bought the membership. Happy as we could be. This was a great thing for the family – we thought.

After we came home I was waiting for the log in information to the club. They told us it would be 15 business days for everything to be set up. It took much longer than that. At this point its about 6 weeks and its still not correct but I had access to several things.

I checked on a trip to Tucan/Queztal for Christmas. Check the price on the Iberostar website, sure enough it showed me a 25% discount. Then I got on the Trendsetters site to look for flights. Here is the shocker and what makes this deal worthless. The flights from Houston to Cancun is 12 cents cheaper then booking directly from United.

I jumped on Funjet, looked up the same trip as above (same dates,etc) and its over $500 cheaper booking from Funjet instead of using the $35,000 membership.

Been talking to the support staff but get the same excuse and now explanation on why anyone would buy this Club membership. Ana Roman the services manager tries to tell me over and over that they will explain this but they continue to say they can’t compete with a package from Funjet or other travel service. That’s not what we bought according to the Club service staff. Sure was the case when it was sold to us. Why would anyone buy it if it costs more to use.

Nobody answered the phone 3 of the days I called.

So its very disappointing that they sold us something that went from being exciting to feeling we got scammed.

We can’t make no money on this and we will have credits we will not use since they only release some of the travel credit per year.

If you bought the club, I would love to hear your experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Iberostar Hotels And Resorts Membership.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $27000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Love the hotel.

I didn't like: Hate the club, Lied and scammed us.

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i too am disappointed in this.


Hi did anyone get anywhere with getting out the contract and getting a refund as I am trying to get of mine too and could really do with some assistance please


Hi all,

I have just experienced the same lies like all of you on this post, in November 2017 I joined as a black member and I regret every moment of it.

Has anyone got anywhere with getting out the contract and getting back some money if so please help.

We all need to have a centralised area where we can highlight these issues to the world so that these {{redacted}} are stopped in their tracks and hurts them where the pain is felt most and that will be in the pocket.

The owner for the Iberostar group is Miguel Fluxà Rosselló who is a billionaire, have a look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miguel_Flux%C3%A0_Rossell%C3%B3

He gets richer from stealing our hard earned money.

The executives get together and cook up a scam like the vacation club to lure hard working like us into it, we all need to join forces I say if we join forces as one it may force the government in Spain where the Iberostar head office is to at least listen to us regarding this consumer rip off scam. Has anyone bought an Iberostar vacation club membership in Europe yet? Is it available to join in Europe? Or have all bought in areas such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Cuba Southern parts of America, Dominica Republic etc?

If the latter case that would explain it, in countries in the Caribbean, Mexico, Cuba Southern parts of America, Dominica Republic what rights do consumers have? In Europe we will be protected by consumer laws which. It is a sickening feeling to be ripped off for thousands and have to worry where and how you will put food on the table and keep a roof over your head while Miguel Fluxà Rosselló lives in a mansion, with servants, fancy cars, hand made quality fine clothes. The best of the best for a person that will have to sign off contracts to get the hard working people of the world ripped off.

Do we not already put enough in Miguel Fluxà Rosselló pocket by staying at one of the 100 hotels he own globally?

What makes it worse is we pay to stay at his hotel then we get scammed in the hotel we paid to stay in. So money makes money for this greedy piece of s**t!

Fredonia, Wisconsin, United States #1298196

I bought it and ivery disappointed. Same exact thing was promised to us. So far we paid one payment but in the process of calling my credit card to stop the next pay

to Janina Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1354068

Did you stop paying? What happened?

to Janina #1363933

we just bought our membership 10 days ago and now try to get out. My husband and I asked them multiple times during the sales pitch that the membership covers all the resort costs, and they confirmed verbally that w/ the exception that we would pay for food at 35% discount rate.

Of course we didn't read the the contract carefully, and when attemting to log on the club website to see what we can book for next trip then we found that membership only offers 25% resort discount. Such a lie !

So we passed the 5 days to back out. We will contact Better Business Burreau next, and may dispute the credit card transaction.

We still would like to learn how you got out of paying the following payments anyway. Your reply is greatly appreciated.

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada #1251776

The same sales pitch you were given back in 2015 at a completely different iberostar location I was just given this past Oct./Nov. 2016 from Dominic at the Iberostar in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The whole Disney stuff just sucked me right in and to think that we could stay at Animal Kingdom was like over the moon and we could take up to 10 of us on the trip. Spoke with an RCI agent the other day and she said you do not have any where near enough credits to book Disney and besides that I have been here for just over a year and I have seen Disney come up 3x and never for Animal kingdom.

I am so upset about all of this. Please tell me how things have gone for you


Good night, use a translator because my English is very bad, I am sorry if this way it is not understood.

We bought by my husband, i.d the past The 19 of July. Ask the salesman and his manager, more than 3 times each, if 25% discount at the time was to calculate it from the price of the Web of Web (Iberostar for public) not as partners, if so it would not get in another Web in Argentina, you get better promotions.

they repeat every time! for that guy differential was ripped from the price and more 25%” Condition “everyday with important promotions discounted discounts. I timed it on a piece of paper did Henry (sales and manager Iberostar Bavaro Suites de Punta Cana where I End up who stayed pagaria) 1200 dollars a week on Bavaro Suites and maybe Alerta less if got a promotion. They also claimed important discounts on Air.

None of the fiance I could check before 5 days of grace to give up the driver's without cost. I did not get a chance to read either opinions and experiences of other partners in the little wi signal, fi, most of the time on the beach is not sign and get back in the room, do not want to waste time on this if i considered vaĺia shame to believe. Besides, the partners who cross me in the V.I.P from the beach, were all new members, anyone with previous experience. I get the password for the website of partners 2 days before returning (had been there the past 5 days to relinquish) without it Being Able to see it was not exactly what i was saying, my husband went to the Prestige Star and they said they did not have two keys of partner to be able to know the price of these extra warning and sales in flying that would come in the mail soon as in the case of the number of partner in the exclusive Web access restricted for you guys.This last one was a new and absolute ***!

back to Buenos Aires, on the phone, they showed that the one we had the only key to partners on the page that we had to calculate 25% in off over the prices of public website, Iberostar eventualmemte if there were extra sale just posted it on the phone when you called (to call me every day to hear? it is ridiculous). so they were lies, every *** thing you have said so many lies.

in (words always things that can not be tested soon…) for a quote and/or next Febreo 2017, July costaria me less than 2000 dollars a week (they) who did not tell me you would not leave me more than 1200 dollars a week also told me there was not high, low season that the year almost had a flat rate for partners and i did not depend on the time of year.

I am desilucionada ripped and engages as the happy as a partner membership and we spent the holidays in good quality in Bavaro Suites de Punta Cana, and Hacienda Dominicus (Bayahibe) (before Though the loss (for my resignation to plan before so many lies the) 6000 payment in advance to i can not travel back in time and that thanks to the Scam of Iberostar The Club. You have disgraced my morals and my family and company is an accessory IBEROSTAR because not only do we are never going to a Hotel on the chain, but also have to me personally that a lot of people know this fraud to help future victims.I perdere my money in this but appreciate that it is not in medicine for me and my family, though he who wins the bread for poisoning people lie to recibira deserved to his travès of Divine Justice or the law of the Universe, the evil and the dishonesty, are paid with tears.

Socio #21371


exactly the same thing happend to us. the first time i checked prices i found everything cheaper thru expedia then they said they will price match.

we were promised so manythings free pick up at airport free golf 25% dicount only at select resorts the one in cancun not included. i was told that the only one that dint include was the adults only I could go on and on I wonder if your saleman was Daniel


We too scammed - trying to get over it, or story is the same as most here. All BS! TO someone getting lured in the sales room for a complimentary breakfast, you're much better off just paying for the breakfast and not listening or buying into the BS!!!!RUN FAST

London, England, United Kingdom #1108245

We too bought the silver membership and sincerely now wished that we hadn't. We were promised the world and everything in it by a smooth talking *** artist.

Basically the vacations are more expensive than you can obtain from a local tour operator. Could I ask, have you stopped payment?


My wife and I also bought into this. We were also told the same things about flights which are not true.

At the time we were about signed the tucan caught fire. We were upgraded to the Grand Parisio for no charge for the 7 remaining nights. So after that we did sign thinking that we were being told the truth.

I find flights cheaper myself. we were also told we could use the rci credits to book the flights which was a lie

to Anonymous #1084023

Cheap at heart ? This is just a time share and a rip off.

You are paying out a huge amount of money for future discounts.

This basically means you are paying ahead rack rate plus interest for years of future stays. Sure they will give you a bottle of wine and transfers and even a roped off area, all for a measly 35 - 100k plus tax and interest......

to Anonymous #1052846

if you are so reach why did you buy the club...you lier

Apache Junction, Arizona, United States #1052843

I am not clear on the top said "issued resolved" what this means???

did you get a full refund or work a new deal with the club. please explain what issued resolves means to you????



Colorado, United States #1042970

We love the club to use with vip service rocks.

Have You used it yet ?

we have and loving it 5 times this year

Also my family , we got are vaction insurance we allwayse wanted also yhats use nice.

We recommend to every one that travels !!!!


We too were told the same lies by that ***-artist Ryan Smith. The $219/week stays at 5 star hotels, $10,000 hotel credits, $10,000 travel credits.

It's no coincidence that membership activation takes 15 days and the contract void period is also 15 days. How anybody could lie to someone's face to make a quick buck and sleep at night is something I will never understand. Ryan Smith is nothing but a despicable liar whose only achievement is ripping families off who are trying to enjoy themselves while on vacation.

The fact that Iberostar can let something like this continue to happen says a lot about the company and their complicity. A lady at the email address, bevsmith1970@hotmail.com, is asking everyone caught up in this scam to email her as she is looking to take action in getting this resolved.

Laredo, Texas, United States #1037108

We love Iberostar Paraiso Beach / Riviera Maya ... Been there 5 times

We bought the silver membership and we have the same problem.

My email is tityf@hotmail.com


Our feeling is exactly the same as yours. Could we consider looking into a class action lawsuit?


Another Ryan Smith Victim! Go Figure!!!

Contact that email I have given you.

You will be happy you did.

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